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3 Reasons to invest in a new headshot

There are many reasons to update your portrait and many ways to use it. The portrait you use on your Facebook page may not exactly align with your Linkedin portrait for example. In many cases, potential clients are finding information through LinkedIn or even a google image search and deciding if they want to work with you based on your headshot! Seems shallow but if you don't have a good headshot your competitor just got an advantage over you…and it has nothing to do with your prices. Here are only a few reasons to get that update.

1. First Impressions count online: The Harvard Study of Communications states that it only "takes seven seconds for you to make a first impression on another human being" in person, only seven seconds. It goes on to say "...55% of a first impression (are) visual. It’s how you look, it’s how you dress... It’s your personal appearance". Our society is becoming more visual by the day. Unfortunately the majority of us will make a first impression before we meet in person. How people evaluate others on such sites can influence important personal outcomes, from romantic to employment prospects.

2. Your professional presence should stay active: If you are engaged on social media or online in any way, changing your image will you show that you are both current and reachable. Additionally, representing your most realistic and current self will better connect you through the often impersonal wall of the internet.

3. Add a human element to the buying process: Show people your confidence. Make you and your staff available to be seen. Make a human link by showing yourself.

Does this resonate with you? Check out our Flash Friday Portraits with renowned photographer Colin Way. Our next session is May 11th 2018. Book today.

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