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Colony Hosts A Fashion Fundraiser

The birds are finally chirping and the sun is out! Time to get out of the house and check out some of our upcoming events. See below for details

Celebrating All Mothers - A Fashion Fundraiser

Paarman Maternity Centre is a community public health project that is focusing on healing the South Sudanese collective through maternal care. We aim to heal the collective through addressing the lived experiences and reality of the South Sudanese woman in the refugee camps in western Ethiopia. Where the refugee population is 370,820 and 88% of them are women and children. Our goal is to construct a maternity centre to promote healthcare, entrepreneurship and education. The best way to eradicate intergenerational traumas and poverty is through understanding that it's a process and not an instantaneous one. Join us to celebrate and raise awareness for this important cause through fashion, poetry, music and cultural dances.

For tickets:

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